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Eagle Pass Personal Injury Attorney | Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

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San Antonio Car Accident Attorney - Serious car accidents can be traumatic and life altering.  Because of the serious consequences of car accidents, a law firm experienced in these matters is crucial in order to preserve your rights. Chapa Law Group PC has a proven track record of success in handling car accident cases and fighting for what injured victims deserve.

San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney - There are more than 3,000 deaths and more than 30,000 injuries resulting from accidents involving semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles every year. It takes experience and resources to maximize recovery for your clients from a major trucking corporation. Most trucking accidents are caused by factors such as:

San Antonio Oil Field Accident Attorney - Chapa Law Group PC handles serious injury and wrongful death claims resulting from oil field accidents. The following situations provide examples of when oilfield accidents may occur:

San Antonio Workplace Accident Attorney - Chapa Law Group PC has litigated a wide variety of cases involving workers injured as a result of workplace negligence.  Whatever the cause of a workplace accident, we have the ability to fully investigate the circumstances and obtain an appropriate recovery for our clients. 

San Antonio Refinery Accident Attorney - Oil refinery and petrochemical plants are very dangerous places to work. Refinery accidents are often fatal due to fires and explosions. Refinery accidents also may lead to severe burn injuries.